The systems Harry uses are tried and tested, and are 100% effective in improving your memory. He offers hour long one-on-one sessions with a malleable and dynamic syllabus that covers a wide range of systems and how they can be applied to different facets of your life. Many university subjects require the student to swallow huge chunks of information every week. Harry can help break down this information and make it truly stick in your head. 

There are four basic systems are taught over the space of five weeks, and are required learning. After this the tutor and student discuss how to apply their newfound skill sets to their work. As follows:

1.     The Linking System. This is the cornerstone of memory improvement. It concerns visualization and association, and all else rests upon this. It is also the basis for remembering names.  

2.     The Peg System. Training wheels for the Mnemonic Major System, The Peg System covers basic number association and allows for a simple way to remember dates and birthdays amongst other things.

3.     The Loci System. A unique and fascinating way to remember a list. Perfect for use in speeches and presentations, or even a shopping list. This is also the beginner technique for constructing a memory palace.

4.     The Mnemonic Major System. The most important and most versatile system. To become proficient at this system requires hard work, but the rewards are immense.

After these four systems are taught the class structure shifts, and the student’s requirements become the focus. 


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