the unfair advantage 


Make sure you get the chance to spend an hour with this excellent showman. I have to admit that I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to shake him by the hand or burn him at the stake.
— Broadway Baby
The hour-long performance felt more like a conversation rather than a magic show, with Harry being incredibly personable, candidly sharing his life stories with us.
— The Adelaidian
Card shark Harry Milas, though, can evoke all the wonder of a Vegas spectacular armed simply with his skill, wit, a sheet of green felt and a pack of ordinary playing cards. 
— Scenestr

Harrison Milas is a master card handler, pick pocket, mentalist and one of Australia's most valued corporate entertainers. He has extensive experience in all facets of manipulation and game play and has trained security in fraud detection at some of the country's finest casinos. Now, he lifts the veil on card cheating.

The Unfair Advantage is a unique and unprecedented hour-long experience. Part performance, part tutorial, The Unfair Advantage is different to anything that's come before.

Important: Before participating in this experience you'll be asked to sign a legal contract of confidentiality. Please bear this in mind when booking.