The Mentalism Show

The Mentalism Show is a 45 minute display of astounding mind-reading. Ideal for crowds of 10 to 1000, it is an event that makes your clients, staff or colleagues the stars of the show with highly interactive and collaborative mentalism and impossible predictions. Some mind-power methods are shared with the audience, such as how to remember names every time, and how to fix a short attention-span. Other secrets will remain with Harry to his grave.

It is a shot-in-the-arm, energising and unique show that leaves the audience dumbfounded and talking for years to come.

The show starts well before the day of your event: once you book you’ll receive a sealed envelope containing Harry’s predictions for what will happen on the day of the show, including what he thinks the headline of the Sydney Morning Herald will be.

Make sure you get the chance to spend an hour with this excellent showman. I have to admit that I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to shake him by the hand or burn him at the stake. “
—  Broadway Baby