The systems Harry uses are tried and tested, and are 100% effective in improving your memory. He offers hour long one-on-one sessions with a malleable and dynamic syllabus that covers a wide range of systems and how they can be applied to different facets of your life. Harry has interactive and exciting sessions he offers to groups ranging from five people up to five hundred. 

  • Actually Remembering Names: A two hour session specifically geared towards actually remembering people's names. Guaranteed to be effective and fun.

  • Slogans and Facts: A two hour session all about company slogans and the various kinds of facts and research that we have to remember on a daily basis.

  • Lists, Dates and Numbers: A three hour session that covers the systems designed specifically for remembering anything to do with numbers.

Harry has experience working with companies directly to design a seminar around specific information that needs to be taught. Don't be afraid to bring anything to the table. Anything and everything can be stored as information once Mnemonics are used. 

Contact Harry now (click on the top right of this page) and drop him a line. He'll personally get back to you and help you get started.